For decades, TRELOCK has been part of the bicycle industry and thus part of a community that enables society to move in a sustainable and healthy way. Just as we strive to protect the property of every cyclist, we strive to protect our world for future generations.

Our main production plants give us a solid basis for creating innovative and quality products with a long lifespan, next to contributing the social and economic activity in the communities where we are located.

TRELOCK is part of the Allegion family of brands. At Allegion, the three pillars of ESG – Environmental – Social – Governance are the foundation on which we are building our sustainability strategy. Our company’s ESG commitments are key to how the Allegion family keeps people safe and secure where they live, work and visit.

Our company is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our processes, focusing on energy efficiency and transition towards sustainable energy. Reducing waste to landfill and the use of single-use plastics where possible.

We want to be a good and attractive employer, offering people from various educational levels, age, gender identity and cultural background, a safe, healthy, and challenging work environment that suits their personal abilities and ambitions.

We believe in transparent and proactive governance rooted in our core values. More detailed information on our core values, ambitions, goals and sustainable journey can be found on the Allegion website: