TRELOCK foldable locks are known for their compact transport and flexible handling. When folded up, they can be stowed compactly and comfortably in the bracket. When unfolded, they impress with their long reach. This makes it easy to lock the bike to a fixed object. Depending on the diameter, the hardened steel bars offer medium to high protection against theft. 


TRELOCK U-locks are among the most secure locks. With up to Security Level 6 out of 6, they make life difficult for bicycle thieves. The shackles made of hardened steel have a diameter of up to 16 mm and offer a pulling resistance of several tons. The secure IN-X and disk style cylinders complete the complete package. The standard bracket ZB 401 is compatible with all TRELOCK U-locks and can be mounted at various points on the bike.


TRELOCK ring locks are the ideal basic security device for your bicycle. You can't forget becuase it is permanently mounted and it is easy to handle. The special feature: with the TRELOCK plug-in chains and cables you can increase the security of your frame lock significantly. Locking your bike to a fixed object is incredibly easy.


TRELOCK chain locks are perfectly suited for connecting a bicycle to a fixed object due to their long range and flexibility. Depending on the security level, the solid chain links offer high theft protection and act as a deterrent to potential bicycle thieves.


TRELOCK cable locks are versatile in use. With cable diameters of up to 26 mm, they are particularly suitable as basic security devices or component security devices. Due to its length they are particularly suitable for locking the bike to a fixed object and locking bikes together. Curly cable locks can be transported very compactly at very high ranges, whereas armored cable locks are characterised by additional securing with steel shells.